Face Your Fears

Baklava perfection…

Until a couple of years ago, I was afraid to try making a lot of the foods that I have always enjoyed. Truth be told, my family from back then would look askance at the way I cook today! Basically I see what is on sale at the super market for the week, and then figure out how to cook it after I get it home. Or if I’ve tried a new dish at a restaurant that I like, I’ll try to replicate it while putting my own spin on it.

For example, steamed pork buns were something that I’d wanted to make, but the process looked daunting. Eventually I looked up how the dough was made. Lo an behold, the basic dough was very much like what you get out of a canned roll of biscuits! I reasoned that if I rolled the biscuit dough out thin, added a dollop barbecue pork, and then steam them, I’d get a similar result. Guess what? It worked.

My experiments have ranged around the globe culinary wise. When shopping at different ethnic markets, I’ll often see an interesting vegetable. So in the basked it goes, so that I can take it out at home to see how to use it.

I also have developed an interest in watching food channels on YouTube for interesting dishes. Better yet, I’ve duplicated many of the items profiles in my kitchen. In some cases I actually take bits and pieces from several and come up with a completely new recipe!

Don’t be afraid to substitute ingredients and experiment. The internet provides an answer for almost any question you could ever think of. You might find out that your cupboards may already have something you can use for that special dish you want to try without having to run to the store.

The biggest tip I can give for eating like royalty on a budget is don’t be afraid to try something new. Try it…you might like it!