Chow Mein Ramen Noodles

One of the fastest, easiest and inexpensive Chow Mein dinners for two ever.

It is made using chicken or beef pieces. As I have mentioned before when I buy large cuts of meat I save the smaller trimmed pieces for other dishes like soups, and stir fry. The dish shown is with beef pieces.

It is economical About $1 per serving, as far as time, total time 15 minutes. Ingredients, simple and best of all a one pan dish cleanup.


1 tblsp oil

approximately 7 oz of thin sliced chicken or beef

2 garlic cloves minced

2 ramen noodle cakes I use the top ramen packages (discard seasoning packets. I save for something later.)

7 oz of shredded cabbage

3 green onions cut into 2 inch lengths

1 cup of water.

Note* You can add bean sprouts, water chestnuts slices,small corn if you want. You also may need a bit more liquid but wait and see if after adding the noodles it is a little dry. I added some beef stock.

Chow Mein Sauce:

1.5 tblsp light soy sauce

1.5 tblsp oyster sauce

1 tblsp Chinese cooking wine

1 tsp sesame oil

1 tsp sugar


  1. Mix sauce in a bowl
  2. 2. Heat oil in large skillet over high heat.
  3. Add garlic. After 10 seconds add the meat.
  4. Cook for 1 minute then add cabbage and the white part of green onions
  5. Cook for about 1 1/2 minutes, until the cabbage wilts then push everything to the side and put in the two ramen cakes.
  6. Add water, after 45 seconds turn over the ramen noodles. After about 30 seconds break up the noodles and add your vegetables. Toss for about 2 minutes until all the noodles are covered with the sauce. If the noodles are not quite done you may want to add a bit mor water of chicken or beef stock.

Ready to eat immediately.

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