The Fearless Cook

The Fearless Cook in her element!

I like to think of myself as a fearless cook.

I’ve started this blog as a sort of a diary of the different recipes that have become my favorites. That list of favorites has grown to be a lot bigger than I had originally expected. Still, the ones that will be shown here are examples of my cooking philosophy.

‘A feast starts with the eyes’ is something I always keep in mind. Presentation always plays into the idea that something is going to taste good. My personal cooking philosophy also must ask two questions about any meal:

1. Is it economical to prepare?

Being on a fixed income I am always aware of the costs associated with what I cook. This goes beyond checking for what items on sale: there are some cheap foods which simply can’t be turned into anything worth eating. I’m more apt to ask ‘what’s the cost per serving’ or ‘how many meals can be made from this’.

2. Is it easy to make?

I’ll be including a section where I explain shortcuts to use to save cost and ensure that things come out the way they should. I have made breads and cakes from ‘scratch’, but the use of prepared mixes and dough are just a couple of items that are cost effective and eliminate waste in the long run.

A good number of the recipes are from derivations for Chef John from Food, the Minimalist and a few other videos. They are tutorials of cooking technique as well as practical recipes. They have helped me learn several tricks that mother never taught me.

Other inspirations come from trying out different foods at restaurants. I sort of reverse engineer and duplicate the tastes at home. A good many of times the cooks and chef will at least tell you what is in a dish if not the actual amounts and technique secrets. Almost all chefs are thrilled and ready to talk about what they cook and I find extra ordinary.  A good measure of the skill that I am acquiring is that I can tell the ingredients by taste. In most cases I can improve on the dish at home.

The internet is a marvelous way to learn technique. A recipe most times does not share the nuances of the technique or the way a new recipe is supposed to look when it is finished.

I hope that anyone reading this finds it fun to explore the different cuisines. With the grocery stores and the on-line stores like Amazon, it makes it much easier today than it did when our mothers did the cooking to find the ingredients that are not available locally.

So, if you want something more exotic than Taco Bell, use your computer and You Tube, to access the exciting world of cooking.

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